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MI. 1 A MI Definition Principles & Approach V4 012911

To be effective they must be congruent and genuine

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Unformatted text preview: ctions, and Summaries are core counselor behaviors employed to move the process forward by establishing a therapeutic alliance and eliciting discussion about change. • Open ­ended questions are those that are not easily answered with a "yes/no" or short answer containing only a specific, limited piece of information. Open ­ended questions invite elaboration and thinking more deeply about an issue. Although closed questions have their place and are at times valuable (e.g., when collecting specific information in an assessment), open ­ended questions create forward momentum used to help the client explore the reasons for and possibility of change. • Affirmations are statements that recognize client strengths. They assist in building rapport and in helping the client see themselves in a different, more positive light. To be effective they must be congruent and genuine. The use of affirmations can help clients feel that change is possible even when previous...
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