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What are the best things that might happen if you do

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Unformatted text preview: voking Change Talk There are specific therapeutic strategies that are likely to elicit and support change talk in Motivational Interviewing: 1. Ask Evocative Questions: Ask an open question, the answer to which is likely to be change talk. 2. Explore Decisional Balance: Ask for the pros and cons of both changing and staying the same. 3. Good Things/Not ­So ­Good Things: Ask about the positives and negatives of the target behavior. 4. Ask for Elaboration/Examples: When a change talk theme emerges, ask for more details. “In what ways?” “Tell me more?” “What does that look like?” “When was the last time that happened?” 5. Look Back: Ask about a time before the target behavior emerged. How were things better, different? 6. Look Forward: Ask what may happen if things continue as they are (status quo). Try the miracle question: If you were 100% successful in making the changes yo...
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