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MI. 1 A MI Definition Principles & Approach V4 012911

When clients recognize that their current behaviors

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Unformatted text preview: n exploring client concerns, counselors invite clients to examine new points of view, and are careful not to impose their own ways of thinking. A key concept is that counselor’s avoid the “righting • reflex”, a tendency born from concern, to ensure that the client understands and agrees with the need to change and to solve the problem for the client. Develop Discrepancy Motivation for change occurs when people perceive a mismatch between “where they are and where they want to be”, and a counselor practicing Motivational Interviewing works to develop this by helping clients examine the discrepancies between their current circumstances/behavior and their values and future goals. When clients recognize that their current behaviors place them in conflict with their values or interfere with accomplishment of self ­identified goals, they are more likely to...
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