Once again 28 of the surveys collected were

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Unformatted text preview: iversity. Once again, 28 of the surveys collected were considered to be valid. Population Among the 28 NCS subjects, 11 were male and 17 female; 12 were teachers, and 16 were postgraduates of English linguistics; their ages ranged from 22 to 59. Among the 28 NES subjects, 10 were male and 18 female; 26 were Americans, and 2 were Canadians; their ages ranged from 20 to 64. Data analysis Among the ten initiating words, only one word - food - was chosen to show the associations. The Chinese words and phrases associated by the NCS subjects were translated into English by the author before categorization. Then all the items listed by the subjects were classified into different categories. The number that followed each item (see Table 1) indicates the times the word or phrase appeared, or the number of people who listed that word or phrase. If the item appeared only once, number (1) was omitted. Table 1 shows the analysis: Table 1: word associations NES NCS Kinds of food Hamburgers (5). ice-cream (41, pizza (3); dessert (3), fruit (3), salad (2). groceries (2), meat (2). milk (2), pasta, grub, steak, chocolate, baked goods, candy, dumplings, chicken, tofu, hot sauce, cheeseburger, cookie, coffee, cherries, berries, ingredients Steamed bread (14), noodle (10), rice (9). meat (9). fish (7). bread (7). egg (5). tomato (5), vegetable (4), cookie (4), chicken (3), jiaozi (3), hot pepper (3), dish (2), salad (2), steamed stuff bun (2), biscuit (2), apple (2), candy (2), porridge (2), water (2), banana (2), hamburger (2), mutton, cake, Chinese pie, sunflower seeds, gruel, coffee, cola Meals Lunch (4), breakfast (3), dinner (2). me...
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