Pengren cuisine might be more appropriate 6 bowl and

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Unformatted text preview: the right word to stimulate the NCS to make an association with the cooking process. Pengren (‘cuisine’), might be more appropriate. 6 ‘Bowl’ and ‘plate’ are the typical containers of food for NCS, whereas NES use a ‘knife’ during their meals. When they read the word food, Americans tend to think of MacDonald’s. 7 NES tend to think more about nutrition related to economic development. than NCS do. This is also The relationship between culture and language 331 articles welcome 8 More NES consider mealtime as the ideal chance to get together. seems that NES dine out more often than NCS do. It 9 There are many interesting stories in the words and expressions filled in by the subjects. For example, when I asked the subject who had written ‘my sister’ why she thought of her sister when she read the word food, she answered ‘My sister is a very good cook. I miss her and the food she cooks.’ When I asked the postgraduate who had written ‘control’ why she thought of this word, she said: ‘I have very good appetite. I have to control myself from eating too much food. You know, everyone likes to be slender.’ Conclusion The intimate relationship between language and culture is strikingly illustrated by the survey of word associations. The items filled in by NCS convey Chinese culture, and the items written by NES convey English culture. The referents of language are the entities, events, states, pro...
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