The specific food items listed the most by ncs are

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Unformatted text preview: The specific food items listed the most by NCS are ‘steamed bread’, ‘noodle’, ‘meat’, ‘rice’, ‘jiaozi’, etc., which are the typical food of the Chinese people. ‘Hamburgers’, ‘ice-cream’, ‘pizza’, ‘dessert’, etc. are the representative food items for NES. It seems that NCS tend to associate the word food with more specific food items than NES do. 2 From the second category, meals, it seems to us that the difference between ‘breakfast’, ‘lunch’, and ‘supper’ are much more significant for NES than for NCS. It might be because for NCS breakfast, lunch and supper tend to consist of similar food, but what the NES have for breakfast, lunch and supper are quite different. 3 From the third category, flavours, we know that NES include many more foreign flavours of food than NCS do. We guess that this is because NES travel more widely. 4 From the fourth category, description, we find that NES tend to use more adjectives to describe their food and feelings than NCS do. We infer that this is related to their economic development period. People only pay more attention to the quality of food when they have enough to eat. 5 From the fifth category, process, we find that NES tend to think more about the cooking process than NCS do when they read the word food. Actually, the Chinese cooking process (‘cuisine art’) is more famous and exquisite. But the term shiwu (‘food’) is not...
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