Meal feast flavours chinese food 4 mexican food 2

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Unformatted text preview: al, feast Flavours Chinese food (4). Mexican food (2). Italian, Thai, Western, ethnic, fast food Fast food (2), green food, Cantonese food Description Good (10). hungry (6), hot (3). healthy (2), yummy (2), sweet (2), enjoyable, delicious, I am full, starving, fat, full, tasty, enjoyment, fun, well, favourite smell, subtle, spicy, tastes good, I’m thankful, good smell, satisfaction, pleasure, comfort, easily burnt, shortage, I have enough Hungry (4), delicious (3), full (3), happy, enough, good, sweet, various, not hungry, not too expensive, comfort, hard to choose Process 330 Category Eat (6), cooking (3), cook (2), taste (2), make, serve, bake, chow, sustains life, like, preparation, filling Eat (7), drink (3), cook (3), boil Wenying Jimg articles welcome Table 1: continued NES NCS Tool or place Knife, home, cuisine, restaurants, McDonald’s Bowl (3), plate, dining-hall, restaurant, kitchen Nutrition Nutrition (2), nourishing, calories, providing substance to our bodies, variety, gives me strength and health Nutrition (2), nourishment Get together Gather, dining out, social gathering, a meal together Family Others Discussion Category We eat to live, recipe, market, famine Money (3), control, housewife, money, essential need, my sister, labour, be on diet table, 1 From the first category, kinds of food, we know that NCS and NES have some food in common like ‘meat’ ‘vegetable’, ‘fruit’, ‘candy’, ‘salad’, etc....
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