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After being uncertain of whether he should kill or

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Unformatted text preview: t this time though, there was a king and his name was King Duncan. Once Macbeth learns that he is to be king, he begins to ponder the thought of what it would be like if he were king. When his wife, Lady Macbeth, learns of her husband’s possible future, she fully supports him and even pushes him to do all that he can in order to obtain royalty. After being uncertain of whether he should kill or not, Macbeth ends Sharony 2 up murdering King Duncan in his own home. Macbeth and his wife decide to leave the blame on the guards and they try to continue their lives. Macbeth becomes king yet because he did not obtain his royalty through divine placement, he must constantly be on the lookout for someone who might take his place. Macbeth continues to go through with other murders and transforms from having guilt to being completely shameless and ruthless. His wife on the other hand becomes so overcome with guilt that it begins to take over her life and ends up leaving her with no life. Towards end...
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