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ART103 World Art Monday Blackboard Reading- Masks/Symbolism “…The personification of an abstract concept.” This idea encompasses the overall message that Macke is conveys in his article titled Masks . Art is the comprehensible way in which an artist expresses an incomprehensible concept, such as “the magic of nature” or the power of God. Art should be able to portray senses such as scent and taste, as well as portray abstract idea such as strength and tension. Without this creativity and expression in art, the work becomes empty and meaningless. The work by Henri Matisse expresses the abstract concepts of life and the “creation of form” that is discussed by Macke in
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Unformatted text preview: Masks. The painting Le Bonheur de Vivre iconographically depicts a colorful, paradise like place with nudes engaging in love, dance, music and other mythical, uninhibited acts in connection with this beautiful, colorful illustration of nature that Matisse has created. Formally, Matisse uses bright, vibrant colors making the work blissful and magical. The lines used for the trees and the people in the piece are curvy and make the figures seem relaxed, calm and peaceful. Matisses use of color and line enable the viewer to enter this world that he has created and feel the same peace and sensuality as the figures depicted....
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