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Debra Acors_CPR in Pregnancy ppt._F_2013

S motor vehicle accidents s stabbings cardiac arrest

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Unformatted text preview: vehicle accidents s Stabbings Cardiac Arrest in Pregnancy Cardiac s Gunshot wounds s Assaults s Falls s Attempted suicide Circulation, 2000 and 2010. Circulation, ACLS guidelines in Pregnant CPR s American Heart Association’s ACLS algorithms can be applied without modification. modification. s Defibrillation energy, drug dosages, and Defibrillation ventilation-compressions ratios are the same. same. Circulation, 2010 Circulation, 2010 Special considerations Special s D/C fetal monitor D/C during CPR. during s Early intubation to Early reduce risk of aspiration. aspiration. s Chest compressions Chest higher on the chest than for the nonthan pregnant patient. s Proper position - left Proper tilt a must. tilt Left lateral uterine displacement Left s Manually displaced - one member of Manually the team moves the uterus to left side. the s Place pillow or wedge unde...
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