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S observe standard precautions after perimortem

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Unformatted text preview: rimortem Delivery After s Be prepared for hemorrhage from Be atonic uterus. atonic s Control bleeding STAT so benefits of Control delivery on patient’s resuscitation are not negated. not After Perimortem Delivery After s Expect infection - massive antibiotic Expect therapy must begin as soon as mother is stabilized. is s Staff debriefing session ASAP. Guidelines for Resuscitation of the Postpartum Client the s Left uterine displacement , using Left identical techniques employed for the undelivered patient. undelivered s Early intubation. s Diagnose cause of the arrest. Luppi, 1997. Table 8. Conclusions Conclusions s Cardiac arrest in pregnancy is rare but Cardiac rare possible. possible. s Be aware of risk factors for arrest. Be risk s Be familiar with unique needs of Be unique pregnant patient during CPR. pregnant Conclusions Conclusions s Mock pregnant code blue drills are Mock helpful to keep staff prepared. helpful s CPR in pregnancy = not one patient but CPR one two! two! s Be could happen on your Be shift! shift!...
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