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The s place pillow or wedge under patients place

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Unformatted text preview: r patient’s Place right hip. right s Team member can kneel at patient’s Team right side and use thighs as a wedge. right Perimortem Cesarean Section Perimortem s Perform CPR on the gravida for 4 Perform minutes, employing all the special procedures indicated during pregnancy. procedures Circulation, 2010, pg. S837 Circulation, 2010, Perimortem Cesarean Section Perimortem s If, If, after 4 minutes, there is no response from the patient, and physical assessment suggests 24+ weeks gestation, a Perimortem Cesarean Section should begin in Cesarean an effort to deliver the infant by 5 minutes after the arrest. VanHook, 2002, minutes Circulation, 2010, pg. S837. 2010, Perimortem Cesarean Section Perimortem Incision is from the xyphoid to the Incision symphysis pubis, through all layers of the abdominal wall and peritoneum. the s When uterus identified, a vert...
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