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Debra Acors_CPR in Pregnancy ppt._F_2013

The s when uterus identified a vertical when incision

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Unformatted text preview: ical When incision is made and if the placenta is anterior, it should be incised as well. anterior, s Morris, 1996. Benefits of Perimortem Delivery Benefits s “Five-minute” rule increases likelihood Five-minute” of intact infant survival. Stone, 2002. s Delivery of infant may have positive Delivery impact on maternal condition. impact Benefits of Perimortem Delivery Benefits s Delivery empties the uterus and Delivery relieves displacement of abdominal contents. contents. s Intrathoracic pressure decreases; Intrathoracic venous return to heart, cardiac output, and tissue perfusion increase. Fillion, 1998. Fillion, During the Perimortem Cesarean Section Cesarean s Continue maternal CPR. s Ensure presence of Neonatal Ensure resuscitation team and equipment prior prior to start of delivery. s Observe Standard Precautions. After Pe...
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