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0 0 0 SPRING rock sylabus 010 011 V1

0 0 0 SPRING rock sylabus 010 011 V1 - University of...

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University of Delaware Department of Music MUSC 107 010 011; History of Rock (08S) I. Course: Mu 107, Sec. 10; Prof. Hamant; Office 137, Amy du Pont Music Building; Phone: 831 8485; Music Department phone: 831 2577 (leave message with Secretary): EMAIL: http://www.music.udel.edu/sendmail.html?id=20 Office Hours: BY APPOINTMENT II. Overview: The study of various styles in Rock music. An Introduction to Folk, Country, Blues and Jazz as predecessors to Rock. Intended for the non-music major. No music reading skills required. III. Knowledge Bases: The knowledge of this program of study is derived from the traditions of American popular music as identified by the instructor. Activities for the course include listening, writing, organizing, and developing aesthetic responses. IV. General Objectives: A. To acquaint the student with a broad panorama of historical American Music leading to and through the development of rock; its performers, composers and styles from the pre-1900’s to the Present. To help the student be able to distinguish the features of pre-rock and rock music by various historical periods and styles. B. To provide the student with listening skills. These skills include the recognition, appreciation, and understanding of the following musical elements: medium, melody, harmony, rhythm, form, style, and other considerations. C. To present music literature within the appropriate cultural, historical, and artistic settings. To further encourage and develop the students creative writing skills and to utilize campus resources. V. T EXTBOOK : in bookstore Stuessy, Joe. ROCK AND ROLL; Its History and Stylistic Development. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632, Prentice Hall I. Introductory Comments The purpose of this course is to acquaint the listener with a broad spectrum of musical styles, form, and vocabulary that are common to Rock/commercial/popular music. In addition, it is hoped that the student will leave the class, not only with more knowledge about American popular and art music, but also a new interest to expand their listening horizons.
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