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Vol Lecture Notes 7

L o w e r p a r t u ltim a te ly b e c o m e s d is s

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Unformatted text preview: ltim a te ly b e c o m e s d is s o c ia te d w ith u p p e r p a r t. Cooling during flow Initial temperature (i.e., temperature when the flow “hits the ground”) of ignimbrites are largely a function of initial velocity, and hence water content. Why? Cooling of several hundred Initial temperatures of ignimbrite flows in the Sparks et al. (1978) model. degrees may occur in the “fountain”. In the flow itself, cooling is very limited - perhaps 50°. Welding requires T>625°C (898 K). 12 Other Processes During Flow Grinding and crushing particles in flows, effectively destroying large clasts and creating small ones. P y r o c la s tic d e p o s its r ic h e r in c r y s ta l fr a g m e n ts th a n a s s o c ia te d fa ll d e p o s its Diffusion of remaining magmatic gas out of fine particles Fluidization Fluidization in Flows F lu id iz a tio n o c c u r s w h e n u p w a r d d r a g e x e r te d b y g a s o n p a r tic le s e q u a ls s e ttlin g v e lo c ity . F in e p a r tic l...
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