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Cataclysm on august 27 series of extremely loud and

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Unformatted text preview: of extremely loud and violent explosions recorded on the tide gauge at Jakarta between 5:30 and 10:52 AM. Loudest heard in Rodriquez Island in Indian Ocean 4500 km away. Pressure waves recorded on barometers worldwide. Series of tsunamis strike coast of Sumatra and Java, killing 36,000. Largest record on the tide gauge in Jakarta as arriving at 12:30 PM. Charles Bal and Robert Sale report total darkness Charles Bal reports mud rain; 15 cm of ash accumulates in 10 minutes. Residents of neighboring islands burned by hot ash - some report hot ash being blown upward through floor boards. 2000 fatalities Eruption over by the afternoon of the 28th. Great rafts of pumice reported in the Sunda Strait. pumice 6 Krakatau, Sept 1883 7 Krakatau Aftermath R o y a l D u tc h N a v y a n d s c ie n tific p a r ty le d b y R o g e r V e r b e e k v is it s h o r tly a fte r e r u p tio n 2/3 of Krakatau gone Everything covered in white pumice S te a m e r u p tio n s fr o m n e w p u m ic e is la n d s o f C a lm e y e r a n d S te e r s ( e v e n tu a lly e r o d e d a w a y ) . H y d r o g r a p h ic s u r v e y s fin d 3 0 0 m d...
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