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Size 11 generation of surges b a s e s u rg e

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Unformatted text preview: mn collapse interacts with ground Interaction of pyroclastic flow and water D ir e c te d b la s ts e.g., Mt. St. Helens, 1980 G ro u n d s u rg e Interaction of pyroclastic flows with ground A s h - c lo u d s u r g e s a n d la te r a l s u r g e s Associated with pyroclastic flows Base Surges Surge produced as pyroclastic flow enters the sea, Montserrat, 1996 Capalinhos, 1957 12 Surges associated with Pyroclastic flows P y r o c la s tic flo w s c a n g e n e r a te th e ir o w n s u rg e s Ground surge blasts ahead and laterally Ash-cloud surge that can separate in some case to become a lateral surge Deadly Montserrat Lateral Surge Pyroclastic flow generated by dome collapse heads down Mosquito Ghaut on June Mosquito 25, 1997 Topography channeled lower, dense part of flow deflects to the right Upper, dilute ash cloud not deflected by topography, 6 killed 13 Mt. Pelee, 1902 4m 0m 1m 3 days after the May 8 Eruption 14 What happened in the Mt. Pele Eruption? Previous minor eruption in 1851...
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