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Above a certain critical rate of energy supply and

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Unformatted text preview: actor. Above a certain critical rate of energy supply and cracking, an a’a crust develops. cracking, Critical value depends on how fast crack can heal by chilling. 11 Pahoehoe & Aa, Campout Flow, Kilauea (Sept 9, 2006) Pahoehoe vs. A’a In H a w a ii, pahoehoe l avas fo r m a t lo w v o lu m e tr ic flo w r a te s a n d lo w flo w fr o n t v e lo c itie s . Depends on discharge rate and slope. 12 Silicic Lavas Coulées Domes Spines Lava Coulée Lava Coulées, Mono Craters area, CA 13 Lava Dome Lava dome, Katmai, Alaska Lava Spine Lava Spine, Mt. St. Helens 14 Formation of Silicic Lavas High viscosities lead to very high aspect ratios R h y o litic la v a c o u lé e s ty p ic a lly h a v e th ic k n e s s e s > 5...
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