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Vol Lecture Notes 1

Etna lavas measured by walker 1967 lines are

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Unformatted text preview: asured by Walker (1967). Lines are calculated critical thicknesses for Bingham fluids with yield strengths of 1000 Pa and 20000 Pa. Once the thickness exceeds the critical thickness, flow will proceed at a velocity, V, will given by: ! gt 2 V= sin # B" Viscosity and Flow Velocity Where B ≈ 3 Note dependence on iinverse of η and square of t2 nverse Flow velocities measured by Walker on Etna range from 0.5 to 50 cm/s. 0.5 Assumes fluid of uniform viscosity - more complex if crust forms. 4 Lava Flow Velocities Flow fronts generally advance very slowly, usually < 1 km/hr. Hence, they represent little hazard to human life - most of the time! An interesting exception is lava flows from Mt. Nyiragongo, D. R...
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