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Laminar is probably not a factor essentially all

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Unformatted text preview: ssentially all lavas should flow laminarly Komatiites, carbonatites are possible exceptions Yield Strength & Flow Thickness For a Bingham fluid to flow at all, a minimum force, the yield strength, τ0 must be applied. Available force is gravity. Vertical gravitational force is simply tρg W h e r e t is th ic k n e s s , ρ is d e n s ity a n d g is a c c e le r a tio n o f g r a v ity C o m p o n e n t o f fo r c e d ir e c te d parallel to slope is tρg sin α R e s is ta n c e to flo w is τ 0 For flow to occur: tρg sin α ≥ τ0 t≥ τ0/ρg sin α Critical thickness, tc tc = !0 " g sin # 3 Flow Thickness Data are actual thicknesses and angles for Mt. Etna lavas me...
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