7 there were 100 articles found from this list the

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Unformatted text preview: here were 100 articles found. From this list, the researcher may refine the search more by using two tool areas. The first tool is Refine Results located to the left of the search results. The second tool area is on the screen’s right which allows the researcher to use three tools--Sort by, Analyze Results or Create Citation Report. 8. Use the checkboxes to select specific areas under Refine Results to filter or delimit the search. Each “refinement” must be made separately and will reduce the number of results accordingly. A suggested way to refine items is to select the Document Type(s) first. After that refinement, click the more under Subject Areas which will present an entire screen displaying subjects headings applied to the articles with the subjects occurring most frequently listed first. Using the checkbox next to appropriate subject headings will select only these articles in a refinement. Prepared August 9, 2010 by Maag Library Youngstown State University Page 3 Navigating to and Using Science Citation Index Expanded (Web of Science) What’s In View 9. What to Do The other set of refinement options is available on right sidebar. The Refinement Sort by offers the ability to order the results using the pull-down menu by the following criteria: date, times cited, relevance, first author, source title, or publication year. 10. To see more details about a specific article, click the hyperlinked title of the article. For...
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