So there is a global minimum at t 2 and we calculate

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Unformatted text preview: we calculate the distance when t = 2 just as in the previous paragraph. Dr. Marni A2. of:MISHNA, Department can set uSIMON(1, 0), UNIVERSITY 1), and w = (0, 0). These are distinct, and note that (a) Yes. You of Mathematics, = FRASER v = (0, Version 11-Dec-09 u · v = (1)(0) + (0)(1) = 0, u · w = (1)(0) + (0)(0) = 0, and v · w = (0)(0) + (1)(0) = 0. So they are orthogonal. (b). No. Intuitively you can not have three vectors at right angles to each other in only two dimensions. If we could, then we could draw three mutually perpendicular axes (each axis in the direction of one of these vectors) in the plane. But then we wouldn’t have anything li...
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