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1 sophie e do you see any connection between parts d

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Unformatted text preview: nection between parts (d) and (e)? 12 A.3/ C 20 IX.2 14 Mariolys and Limit Laws FS: Part C 1 (rotating presentations) Discrete Limit Laws Sophie Combinatorial (a). What is T (e )? (Hint: use your answer from A1(c), and the properties that T has as a linear 23 IX.3 Mariolys instances of discrete transformation.) 25 13 Introduction to Prob. A2. Let v1 , v2 , and v3 be as defined and Comb Marni A1. Let T : R3 → R2 be a linear transformation in problem 18 IX.1 Limit Laws with T (v1 ) = (1, −1)Structures) = (2, 5), and T (v3 ) = (0, 1). , T (v2 Random IX.4 Continuous Limit Laws (b). What is the standard matrix of T and ? Quasi-Powers 30 IX.5 (c). What is T (1, 3, −1)? Dec 10 Gaussian limit laws Presentations Marni Sophie Asst #3 Due 3. Extra-Practice Questions: Try these questions for some more practice. The more practice you get the better you will understand the material and the better you will do on quizzes and exams. • Section 7.1: 11, D2, D3 Dr. Marni MISHNA, Department of Mathematics...
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