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2 discrete limit laws sophie standing of the

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Unformatted text preview: ding of the fundamentals. It is not a routine exercise since the solution process may not and Limit Laws FS: Part C obvious at first glance. It Combinatorial a littleariolys of thought to figure out what to do, don’t may take 23 be IX.3 M bit (rotating instances of discrete presentations) be afraid to play around with some ideas. You’ll learn more by making mistakes and taking 25 IX.4 Continuous Limit Laws Marni routes which lead to dead ends. You must be able to do these types of questions to succeed Quasi-Powers and 30 in learning this material. IX.5 Sophie Gaussian limit laws HL = Higher Level Understanding: This indicates a question which is testing understandDec 10 Presentations Asst #3 Due ing at a higher level. These questions will require more thought than a RE or CE so don’t be discouraged if you can’t see how to do this immediately. Perseverance and playing around with ideas is the key to these questions. Understanding this material at this level is an expected outcome of this course. CM = Computer...
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