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Try to do these exercises within the time limit

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Unformatted text preview: mit, usually 5 minutes. If you Combinatorial Combinatorial Oct 5 III.1, III.2 Asst #1 Due parameters P o.k., but need more time than that, its arameters keep practicing! Solving these routine exercises proFS A.III 12 vides IV.2foundation for solving more involved problems, and is essential in performing well IV.1, a Multivariable GFs (self-study) on IV.3, IV.4 and exams. quizzes Analytic Methods 19 Complex Analysis FS: Part B: IV, V, VI WP = Word Problem: Translating words into expressions (also known as modeling): Master 26 Singularity Analysis Appendix B4 IV.5 V.1 this skill now, we 99: Ch.be using this all term. Asst #2 Due Stanley will 6 Nov 2 Asymptotic methods Handout #1 CD = Concepts and Definitions: These questions relate to your understanding of the ”new (self-study) 9 VI.1 Sophie language” we are introducing. They should help you remember the important definitions 12 A.3/ C Introduction to Prob. Mariolys and theorems. 18 IX.1 Limit Laws and Comb Marni CE = Concepts and Explorations: This indicates a question which is testing your underRandom Structures 20 IX.2 Discrete Limit Laws Sophie stan...
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