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1 work on scratch paper asst 1 due do5 roughiii2

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Unformatted text preview: I.1, work on scratch paper. Asst #1 Due Do5 roughIII.2 parameters Parameters If you find one solution, try to find another (a simpler solution may reveal itself). FS A.III 12 When IV.1, IV.2 you find a(self-study) try to Multivariable GFswhole without all the little details. solution, see it as a Do questions in order Methods and clearly label question and section numbers. 19 IV.3, IV.4 Complex Analysis Analytic Grade your ownFS: Part B: IV, V, VI when solutions are posted. Catch your mistakes now when the stakes are assignment 26 Singularity Analysis low rather than Appendix B4 them on exams. making 6 IV.5 V.1 Stanley 99: Ch. Nov 2 Asst #2 Due Asymptotic methods Handout #1 (self-study) 9 VI.1 To obtain maximum marks on the quiz, your answerSophie should be in a form that another student could under10 stand 12 without undue effort: a poorly expresse...
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