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1 16 19 25 d5a c dr marni mishna department of

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Unformatted text preview: 5(a)-(c) Dr. Marni MISHNA, Department of Mathematics, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY D9 Version of: 11-Dec-09 1 Marni 1 1. Questions from textbook: 23 IX.3 12 Sophie Sophie Asst #3 Due CD CD CD RE RE RE CD CE CE com men t Discrete Limit Laws Random Structures and Limit Laws FS: Part C (rotating presentations) typ e IX.2 Marni stu dy fi 20 Limit Laws and Comb nal IX.1 dy M T 18 stu 11 vector operations, initial/terminal points initial/terminal points, visualization initial/terminal points solving vector equations parallel vectors solving vector equations adjacency matrix of a directed graph geometry and vectors test your grasp of the concepts See the legend on last page of this assignment for what these acronyms mean. C EDRIC C HAUVE , FALL 2013 1 MATH 895-4 Fall 2010 Course Schedule f a cu lty of science d epa r tm ent of m athema tic s Week Date 1 Sept 7 Sections from FS2009 Part/ References I.1, I.2, I.3 Topic/Sections MATH 232 A SSIGNMENT #1 Notes/Speaker Symbolic methods Combinatorial 2. Additional questions: Structures 2 14 I.4, I.5, I.6 FS: Part made These questions areA.1, A.2 upUnlabelled structures by your instructor and may require a blend of ideas that we have Comtet74 3 21 II.1, II.2, II.3 Labelled structures I Handout in encountered so far #1 the course. They are similar to exam style questions in that it is not 4 28 II.4, clear (self study) Labelled structures II entirely II.5, II.6 what part of the text is directly related to solving the problem. You will have to Combinatorial decide what tools/techniques Combinatorial are required. Asst #1 Due 5 Oct 5 III.1, III.2 Parameters 6 12 7 19 IV.3, IV.4 Complex Analysis A1. Vectors in Analytic Methods a Parallelogram. Look at Figure 1.1.6 in the textbook. This depicts a parallelogram with one FS: Part B: IV,sides corresponding to vector v and another pair of sides corresponding pair of V, VI 26 Singularity Analysis Appendix B4 IV.5 V.1 Stanley 99: Ch. 6 to 2 vector w. The diagonal with initial point at the lower left ver...
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