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Unformatted text preview: or try to divide anything by 0.] 12 A.3/ C Introduction Prob. Mariolys A2. (a) If we have an inhomogeneous system of linear equations with more variables than 18 IX.1 Limit Laws and Comb Marni equations, what areStructures Discrete Limit Laws theSophie the possible sizes of solution sets? Random 20 IX.2 and Limit Laws (b) If we have an inhomogeneous system of linear equations with more equations than variables, FS: Part C Combinatorial 23 (rotating what IX.3 the possible sizes ofinstances of discrete sets? are the solution Mariolys presentations) 25 IX.4 Continuous Limit Laws Marni For each part of A2, you should give an exhaustive list of possible sizes. Justify each value on your list, and if one of theQuasi-Powers and possible solution set sizes for a linear system is not on your list, 30 IX.5 Sophie Gaussian limit laws explain why it is not. Dec 10 Presentations Asst #3 Due Dr. Marni MISHNA, Department of Mathematics, SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY Version of: 11-Dec-09 C EDRIC C HAUVE , FALL 2013 2 MATH 895-4 Fall 2010 Course Schedule f a cu lty of science d epa r tm ent of m athema tic s Week Date Sections from FS2009 1 Sept 7 I.1, I.2, I.3 4 28 II.4, II.5, II.6 Part/ References Topic/Sections MATH 232 A SSIGNMENT #3 Notes/Speaker Symbolic methods Combinatorial 3. Extra-Practice Questions: Structures 2 14 I.4, I.5, I.6 Unlabelled FS: Part A.1, A.2 Try these questions for some morestructures practice. The more practice you get the better you will Comtet74 3 21 II.1, II.2, II.3 Labelled structures I Handout #1 understand the material and the better you will do on quizzes and exams. 5 Oct 5 Labelled structures II III.1, III.2 parameters Parameters IV.1, IV.2 (self-study) IV.3, IV.4 12 7 19 8 26 Analytic Methods FS: Part B: IV, V, VI Appendix B4 Stanley 99: Ch. 6 Handout #1 (self-study) 9 Nov 2 Asst #1 Due Multivariable GFs Complex Analysis • Section 2.3: A.III 10, 13 FS 2, 6 10 (self study) • Section 2.2: 24, 26, 33, 45, 47, 50, D1, D6, D9 Combinatorial Combinatorial • Section 3.1: 1, 3, 17, 19, 21, 27, 30,...
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