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Unformatted text preview: om Structures and Limit Laws FS: Part C (rotating presentations) e IX.2 Marni typ 20 Limit Laws and Comb stu dy fi nal IX.1 T 18 stu dy M 11 Asst #3 Due CD CD RE CD CD CD CD CE CD CD CD RE CE CD CD CD CE CD CD CD RE CE norm, normalization, scaling norm, scaling scaling calculating inner product calculating distance inner product and distance checking orthonormality orthonormality vector and parametric equations vector and parametric equations point-normal equation equations for a plane combining concepts definition of linear equation definition of solution geometry of linear systems solution sets augmented matrix form augmented matrix form row operations translating word problems fitting curves with linear algebra See the legend on last page of this assignment for what these acronyms mean. C EDRIC C HAUVE , FALL 2013 1 MATH 895-4 Fall 2010 Course Schedule f a cu lty of science d epa r tm ent of m athema tic s Week Date 1 Sept 7 Sections from FS2009 Part/ References I.1, I.2, I.3 Topic/Sections MATH 232 A SSIGNMENT #2 Notes/Speaker Symbolic methods Combinatorial 2. Additional questions: Structures 2 14 I.4, I.5, I.6 FS: Part made These questions...
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