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biomaterials hw 3 complete

begin to gradually trade places and occupy the

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Unformatted text preview: types of non ­Langmuir adsorption phenomena are irreversible adsorption and competitive adsorption. In irreversible adsorption, proteins will stop desorbing after a certain amount of time passes. This can be because the proteins start to deform on the surface. This deformation can affect the function of the protein, and is usually responsible for the lack of desorbing proteins. It complicates the adsorption profiles in competitive adsorption. In competitive adsorption, different proteins are trying to all attach to the limited surface sites. The surface concentration (Γ) of each protein depends on the protein concentration in solution [P], the diffusivity (D), and the affinity (!! ). Initially the protein with the highest concentration dominates the surface concentration. Later, the faster diffusing proteins begin to take over, and much later the proteins with the highest !! begin to gradually trade places and occupy the surface sties. 3.) a.) The DLVO theory is a basic model for cell adhesion. It was developed to explain coagulation of charged colloidal particles and is based on thermodynamics. It looks at the attractive and repulsive forces of small molecules interacting. When using it to compare the ell surface interactions betwe...
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