biomaterials hw 3 complete

of the igm will continue to be able to displace

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Unformatted text preview: s, and then the IgM with the highest !! starts to take over completely. ii. If more albumin is added to the synovial fluid before it is exposed to the biomaterial, the adhesion of the protein to the surface sites will increase at a higher rate than it did in part i. But if the albumin is added after the biomaterial is already exposed and IgM dominates the surfaces sites, nothing will happen. The extra albumin will remain in the solution because its !! is not large enough to displace the transferrin or the IgM. iii. If more IgM is added after the material is already exposed to the synovial fluid the concentration on the surface will continue to increase because the higher !! of the IgM will continue to be able to displace albumin and transferrin with the lower !! !. If the extra IgM is added before the material is exposed, it would increase the protein’s initial rate of adsorption. If enough was added to make the concentration larger than the albumin or the transferrin, then the starting surface concentration of the IgM would be larger because the surface concentration of proteins when time is close to zero is dependent on the concentration of each in solution. b.) Two...
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