Probabilities sum continuous probability distributions

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Unformatted text preview: ions • Develop discrete distribution by enumerating outcomes • Probability mass function • Cumulative distribution function • Use either PMF or CDF to get probabilities (sum) Continuous probability distributions • Probability density function • Cumulative distribution function • Use either PDF or CDF to get probabilities (integrate) Expected values All for both discrete or continuous distribution – Sum over all outcomes for discrete, integrate over all outcomes for continuous • Calculate expected value (mean) • Calculate variance and standard deviation • Definition of skewness • Mean and variance of transformed random variable • “Trick” – quicker calculation for variance Distributions: Uniform, binomial • Know what type of problems they are used for • Calculate probabilities and cumulative distributions (i.e. P(X) or P(a≤X≤b) • Invert probability distributions to determine X when given P • Combine probabilities obtained with these distributions...
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