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Unformatted text preview: 2 – Engineering Risk & Uncertainty Spring 2011 (Bond) Homework 12 Hypothesis Testing 3) You are given the data set in Table 1 (next page), with several calculations already performed for you in Excel. You believe that there is a non ­zero slope describing the relationship between hardness and deformation (the latter is considered the independent variable). a) Write a null hypothesis for this investigation. b) Evaluate the null hypothesis using the critical value approach. c) Evaluate the hypothesis using the p ­value approach. NOTE: As many people noticed, there were problems with the data set. These affected the calculation of T from the data. As long as you got the equation for T correct, you will get full credit for that part. Some people used the data as given (acceptable) and some others re ­calculated the error (also acceptable). Ans: a) H0: slope b =...
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