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Ans 15000 hr 00002 hr1 a p failure between inspection

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Unformatted text preview: n type of aircraft are governed by a Poisson process. Based on past records, an aircraft will have a failure once every 5000 hours of flight time. a) (10 pts) If aircraft are scheduled for inspection and maintenance after every 3000 flight hours, what is the probability of failure of an aircraft between inspections? b) (10 pts) In a fleet of ten of these aircraft, what is the probability that not more than two will have mechanical failures within the 3000 ­hour interval? (Assume the failures between aircraft are statistically independent.) c) (10 pts) You are an engineer in charge of aircraft safety. You want to ensure that the probability of failure is no more than 1% for each aircraft. How would you revise the inspection and maintenance schedule to ensure this level of safety? Ans: λ = 1/5000 hr = 0.0002 hr ­1 a) P (failure between inspection) = P (one or more failures) = 1 – P...
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