If the amount of drink is normally distributed with a

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Unformatted text preview: if you are wrong about the number of failure. It is easier to make the calculation by using the complementary of failure, which is 0 failure (x=0); and then the probability of failure is 1 ­p(x=0). b) 7 points are given for recognition of binomial distribution for the new sample space. Additional 2 points are given for setting the probability as P(X<=2), where X is the number of aircraft. Thus, if you used the wrong probability of failure from part a , you can still get 9 points for the application of binomial distribution when X is less than or equal to 2. c) It is similar to part a, but you need to make a calculation backward. You already know the probability of failure, but you should calculate the schedule (t) for inspection instead. 7 points are still given if you are on the right track but made the same mistake (incorrect...
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