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Px binomial px 5c x 0125x 08755x px y

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Unformatted text preview: probability easily using Z table. a)  ­Question asks to find which manufacturer produces the lowest number of the defective items. But some of you did not state it. :  ­1point b)  ­wrong z value each :  ­1point  ­wrong probabilities:  ­1point each (wrong usage of Z table)  ­no recognition of total probability :  ­5points c) Quite a few of you got confused with the wording. It says that the manufacturer with the higher fraction of defective changes its standard deviation. But many of you did it the other way around:  ­2points 4/6 CEE 202 – Engineering Risk & Uncertainty Spring 2011 (Bond) Homework 7 Distributions Aplenty 4) 25 points A class of 5 students plays a game in which each student spins a wheel with a 12.5% probability of winning $1,000 in cash. A professor whose research funding has been eliminated by budget cuts mugs two students exiting this classroom and takes...
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