The maximum deduction was 8 points for table values

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Unformatted text preview: their money. a) 15 points Develop a table of probabilities for the joint probability distribution P(X,Y), where X is the number of students that won money. P(X) = binomial P(X) = 5C X ·0.125X ·0.875(5 ­X) P(X ∩ Y) = P(Y | X ) P(X) P(Y | X): Prof takes 2 of 5 students, X “successes” Hypergeometric with N=5, n=2, k=X ȹ k ȹȹ N − k ȹ ȹ ȹȹ ȹ x ȹȹ n − x ȹ ȹ ȹ Ⱥȹ Ⱥ h( x; N , n, k ) = ȹ N ȹ ȹ ȹ ȹ n ȹ ȹ Ⱥ b) 10 points What is the probability that the professor nets some money from his evil doings? (You may assume that the students carry no money other than their winnings.) P(Y>0) = sum of all P(Y^X)>0 = 0.235 c) EXTRA CREDIT 5 points – What is the e...
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