Answer let a1 be accidents at intersection 1 and a2 be

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Unformatted text preview: tandard deviation of total accidents during six months? c) Suppose that accidents at intersection #1 result in $5,000 in damages, and those at intersection #2 cause $6,000 in damages because of slightly higher speeds. What is the expected value of the damages incurred in six months? Answer: Let A1 be accidents at intersection 1, and A2 be accidents at intersection 2 Looks like Poisson distribution λ1 = 5/year = 5 year ­1 λ1 t = (5 year ­1) (0.5 year) = 2.5 The mean and variance of the Poisson distribution are both λ1 t = 2.5. Likewise, at intersection 2, 1/6 CEE 202 – Engineering Risk & Uncertainty Spring 2011 (Bond) Homework 9 Expected Values; Sampling λ2 = 3/year = 3 year ­1 λ2 t = (3 year ­1) (0.5 year) = 1.5 This is mean and variance of accidents at intersection 2. a) Mean Let T be total accidents. T = A1 + A2 µT = µA1 + µA2 = 2....
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