Find the probability that a the accident occurred

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Unformatted text preview: r so that you can implement new policies to avoid them. The percentages of the accidents that occurred during different condition combinations are shown in the table below: 1/7 CEE 202 – Engineering Risk & Uncertainty Spring 2011 (Bond) Homework 2 Combining probabilities Shift Day (7am ­3pm) Evening (3pm ­11pm) Graveyard (11pm ­7am) Unsafe conditions 4% 7% 3% Human error 33% 24% 29% You choose the first accident to investigate at random. Find the probability that: a) The accident occurred during the evening or graveyard shifts. b) The accident occurred due to human error. c) The cause of the accident was not unsafe conditions that existed during the day shift. d) An accident that occurred on the evening shift was caused by unsafe conditions. Answer: U: unsafe conditions; H: human error D: day E: evening G: graveyard P(U⋂D)=4%,P(U⋂E)=7%,P(U⋂G)=3%,P(H⋂D)=...
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