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You do not need to worry about that for problem 2

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Unformatted text preview: 33%,P(H⋂E)=24%, P(H⋂G)=29% a) P(E⋃G) =P(E)+P(G) =P(U⋂E)+P(H⋂E)+P(U⋂G)+P(H⋂G) =0.07+0.24+0.03+0.29 =0.63 b) P(H) =P(H⋂D)+P(H⋂E)+P(H⋂G) =0.33+0.24+0.29 =0.86  c) P=1 ­P(U⋂D)=1 ­0.04=0.96 d) P(U|E)=P(U⋂E)/P(E)=0.07/(0.24 +0.07)=0.0226 2/7 CEE 202 – Engineering Risk & Uncertainty Spring 2011 (Bond) Homework 2 Combining probabilities 3) (16points) In the next year, you change reporting requirements. Now supervisors of each shift have to report the causes of accidents. You also realized that there are times when both causes could contribute to accidents, and you allow that to be reported. (You do not need to worry about that for Problem 2). Here are the supervisors’ reports: Unsafe No. conditions Human Both Shift accidents only error only contributed Day (7am ­3pm) 58 20% 77% 3% Evening (3pm ­11pm) 43 15% 81% 4% Graveyard (1...
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