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Chem 115: Experiment #10 Post-Lab Questions Determining the Proportionality Constant, R, in the Ideal Gas Equation Name: James Anders Date: 10/30/07 Section: 11 TA: Chris Spina Room:_________________ Score:_________________ 1. Does your value of R agree with the accepted (literature) value of R within your uncertainty limits (1 point) No it does not. 2. Use the van der Waals equation to calculate the pressure exerted by 1.000 mol of Cl 2 in 22.41L at 0.0 o C. The van der Waals constants for Cl 2 are: a = 6.49 L 2 *atm / mol 2 and b = 0.0562 L / mol. (2 points) .7453 atm 3. How much potassium chlorate is needed to produce 20.0 mL of oxygen gas at 670 mmHg and 20 o C given the equation: 2KClO 3(s) →2KCl (s) + 3O 2(g) ? (2 points) 4. If oxygen gas was collected over water at 20 o C and the total pressure of the wet gas was 670 mmHg, what would be the partial pressure of the oxygen? (2 points)
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Unformatted text preview: .859 atm 5. Which gas would you expect to behave more like an ideal gas, H 2 or HBr? (2 points) H 2 6. An oxide of nitrogen was found by elemental analysis to contain 30.4% nitrogen and 69.6% oxygen. If 23.0 g of this gas were found to occupy 5.6L at STP, what are the empirical and molecular formulas for this compound? (2 points) N 3 O 7 N 6 O 14 7. The gauge pressure in an automobile tire reads 32 pounds per square inch (psi) in the winter at 32 o F. The gauge reads the difference between the tire pressure and the atmospheric pressure (14.7 psi). In other words, the tire pressure is the gauge reading plus 14.7 psi. If the same tire were used in the summer at 110 o F and no air had leaked from the tire, what would be the gauge reading in the summer? (4 points) (Hint: o C = 5/9( o F – 32)) 110 psi...
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Chem_115_Exp_10_PostLab_Questions_for_BB - .859 atm 5 Which...

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