Duration 30 min format 12 multiplechoice questions

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Unformatted text preview: empt will create a new combination of questions and answers. The highest mark of your two attempts will be recorded as 2% of your Final Course Grade. There will be no make ­up Assessments. Opens: 6:00 pm, Tuesday, November 13. Closes: 6:00 pm, Friday, November 16. Duration: 30 min. Format: 12 multiple ­choice questions. Feedback released: 6:00 pm Sunday, November 18. The Rules: You are expected to take this Assessment under “exam conditions” without access to any outside resources (i.e. textbooks, class notes, archives, SimuText, websites, previous versions of the Assessment etc.). You may, however, work on the Assessment together with an individual or small group of individuals so long as they are all registered in this course. Such groups are expected to...
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