Examples of stabilizing directional disruptive reasons

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Unformatted text preview: ship between dominance/recessiveness of alleles and response to selection. effect of heterozygote advantage on genetic variation why the amount of genetic variation in a population is important different types of selection (stabilizing, directional) and their effect on genetic variation difference between Batesian and Mullerian mimicry how the population frequency of a mimic phenotype may affect its fitness why the same phenotype may be selected against in one environment but have a selective advantage in a different environment meaning of genetic load and genetic death effect of various types of selection on amount of variation in a population. examples of stabilizing, directional, disruptive. reasons why directional selection does not remove all genetic variation from a population. characteristics, and examples, of frequency dependent selection. reasons why all living things are not perfectly adapted to their environment. effect of genetic drift on allele frequencies within a population, particularly in the case of bottlenecks etc. effect of genetic drift on variations between populations. mechanism that explain why mutation is NOT directed toward the needs of...
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