Modification examples of homology and why they

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Unformatted text preview: the organism. why most mutations that affect fitness are harmful. effect of gene flow on allele frequencies. Biology 1001A Assessment 2 Guidelines 2012 characteristics of adaptive vs. non ­adaptive mechanisms affecting allele frequency. how various evolutionary forces reinforce or oppose one another. types of non ­random mating and effect of non ­random mating on HWE and on evolution how Darwin's theory of evolution differed from that proposed by Lamarck meaning of catastrophism, gradualism, uniformitarianism difference between relative versus absolute ages of rock formations and the fossils they contain principle behind radiometric dating of rock strata why most living things never form fossils characteristics of a scientific theory components of the theory of evolution evidence for "descent with modification" examples of homology and why they support the idea of evolution examples of vestigial traits and why they support the idea of evolution role of fossil record as evidence for evolution relationship between sexual reproduction and genetic variation different modes of genetic sex determination and environmental sex determination meaning of hermaphrodite, and...
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