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Has the company pays 2m to acquire a patent for a new

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Unformatted text preview: lled by the company - Legal 2tle or unrestricted right to use - Cost to acquire asset has been incurred - Executory contracts are not yet assets (if nothing has been exchanged) 2.  The asset must possess expected future benefits that can be measured - Expected future cash receipts - Know, with some certainty, what the future benefits will be 6 Should we recognize an asset? •  The company spends $10M to develop a new sof drink. No commercially feasible product yet evolved, but the company hopes that such a product will evolve in the near future. has •  The company pays $2M to acquire a patent for a new sof drink from another company. •  The company signs a contract with United Can Corpora2on for the purchase of $4M of sof...
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