Notes on Chapter Three

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Unformatted text preview: gF V I MM1 F p F A 1I I PP 1 p A P G A JM G p H A Q H K M H G JK JK PP N Q 0 5 W 0.70 L CaCO 3 L total b 0 A A p p W b 2.05 kg / L 2.05 kg 50 L 9.807 m / s2 1N 2 100 103 N . L 1 kg m / s Neglected the weight of the bag itself and of the air in the filled bag. (c) The limestone would fall short of filling three bags, because – the powder would pack tighter than the original particles. – you could never recover 100% of what you fed to the mill. 3-4 0 3.11 (a) Wb 122.5 kg 9.807 m / s2 mb g 1 kg m / s2 1202 N (1202 N -...
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