Notes on Chapter Five

013 bar 3002k 500 cm 2 b g pv 100 100 atm 5 l l atm

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Unformatted text preview: V 1.00 100 atm 5 L L atm 0.08206 mol K 300 K RT 32.0 g mol Oxygen 5.11 Assume ideal gas behavior: n MW 13.0 g 0.406 mol 458 g min nRT P D2 4 2 60.0 m 333.2K sec g mol 5.12 Assume ideal gas behavior: Say m t mass of tank, n g 165 m sec 0.406 mol mol of gas in tank b gU n 0.009391 mol | V CO : 37.440 g m n b44.1 g molg W m 37.0256 g | b37.062 37.0256gg 3.9 g mol Helium unknown: MW N2: 37.289 g mt 2 n g 28.02 g mol t g g t 0.009391 mol 5.13 a. bg Vstd cm3 STP min 3 V liters t min bg Vstd cm STP min 5.0...
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