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Oklahoma Land Rush

Indian societies anthro alice cunnigham fletcher

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Unformatted text preview: h ended • Commercial farms had more intensive methods of farming- new tech up efficiency, up internatl trade and modern capitalism • New tech- breaking of the sod was the hardest- John Deere- signing plow and then mccormick reaper • More improvements allowed a farmer to produce ten times more • Scientific study of agric sprang up • Morrill Act- land grant colleges • Hatch act- created experimental stations for basic agric research • Began to raise crops for sale across the world CA agric • Bonanza famring- farming became a bus not a way of life • Latest techn, built dams, invested huge $- new refrigerator cars • Heavily capitalized farm factories and huge tenant and migrant workforce- rich and powerful Toll on environ- insect repellants, weed zappers- killed numerous species • Kill of buffalo- reduced viological diversity – led way to cattle and sheep which killed the grass which eroded the soil which became a huge dust bowl • Chinese workers built large west canal • The need to maintain water supply led to creation of national forests and the forest service • Forest management act- fed gov play part in environ – began to set aside land in Yosemite- Yellowstone...
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