Oklahoma Land Rush

People and injuries began to organize in 1860s

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Unformatted text preview: discovered gold on their territory • Fought, sent to disease ridden territory Internal US Copper- AZ Wheat- MT Oranges- CA People all over travelling west – but financial, political and industrial centers still in east Mining towns- gold, boomtowns – grand corp enterprie • Most successful bought out entire stacksand found investors to purchase latest technology- created hydroelectricity • Laid new gorund for economy and also interim govs • Rr made transportation of materials so easy • Men outnumbered women • Chinese- created communities West labour movement grew out of diabled people and injuries- began to organize in 1860s • Demanded good pay for dangerous and lifethreatening work- est the strongest unions in the west • Unions fought hard- but only for white worksd • When prices fell, towns abandoned- environmental disasters • Ca rivers clogged- floods killed people Mormons • Brigham Young, their prophet • Led to great salt lake • Rely on agric techniqueds learned from loval indiand- built dams, harvested crops • Saw life threatened- newspapers and courts talked about their sex • Court rules against polygamy in Us vs Reynolds • Gave up many more aspects of their communal life Mexican Borderland Communities • Treaty of Guadalupe hildago – ended mex- amer war- n of rio grande is US • Whites still took their land though • Majority of Mexs unprepared- noone worked inside commercial economy- only farmed and herd sheep – became poorly paid farmhands – others took jobs on the rr • Women sold produce • Kept many cultural traits though – cath influence stayed The open Range • Death of buffalo made way for cattel – most profitable industry of west • Great cattle drives • Cattle unions- huge camaraderie • Along with miners, first western workerd to organize against employees • Vaqueros had previously worked on haci...
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