Oklahoma Land Rush

Retail social hierarchy based on education not a

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Unformatted text preview: endas • • • • • • Some women participated sidesaddle- mainly domestic Saloons, gambling dance halls, prost- although illegal- only job outside of house for women Addiction (narcotics, morphine) and disease Violence: prost+gamb+drinking= no stable communities Horse theft, cattle theft, “range wars” both farmers and sheepherders were encroaching on the cattle grazing fields – cattle barrons ordered their cattlemen to cut the fences Cattel barrons brought own demise- overstocked herds and cattle began to eat all fo the food – blizzards killed 90% of cattle Farming Communities • Homestead act 1862- first incentive to white farmers- 160 acres to live on it for five years- encouraged adventurous, hardwrokign unmarried women to fiel 5- 15% of claims • Greatest success in upper and Midwest- harsh climate&arid soil though • Gov and rr companies held the most profitable land and many farmers willing to pay large price • Rr were KEY factor in populating west – top priority to bring people west- 2 mill+ Europeans recruite • But land was severe and weather bad • Immigs formed tight knit communities – towns built alongside rr grew into commercial centers • Banking, legal, medical and retail • Social hierarchy based on education- not a social equality or friendship • Investment property governed by rr agents and bankers governed relationships between individuals and families • Great plains mainly populated by immig and amers • One room school- basics • Harsh climate and unyielding soil- forced families to seek out friends and neighbors to band together- needed many hands • Whole communities came to social events org mainly by omwen • Informal barter resulted in lack of cash not a lasting desire to cooperate • Farmers in dept- start up costs huge – foreclosures prominent- thorough low prices, bad decisions, nat disasters, illness- • Rural pop growt...
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